Sunday, July 06, 2008

Software Universe Israel (1 July 2008)

Most people I know have a short list of places they want to see in there life.  One of the places on my list has always been Israel.  I would venture to say that no place on earth has so much heritage and history.  It is rare to fine a place where you can stand where so many of the events that have shaped humanity have happened. 

Having said that, it was my great pleasure to speak at the Software Universe, Israel event yesterday.  I don't have a final count yet but I think there were around 750+ people in the auditorium.  What was exciting is that the vast majority of the people in attendance for my talk on Application Security was that few of them were "security" people.  Most were business owners, IT people, QA people and others.  I think this adds another data point to the believe that Application Security is a software / IT / Business issue not just a traditional "security" issue.

Many in the Application Security industry have been saying for years that application security needs to be addressed as part of the SDLC and the risks are business risks, not just technical risks so the business needs to be aware of them and take responsibility for ensuring they are properly addressed.  Based on the crowd and the response at this event in Israel I think we are heading in the right direction.  We still have a LONG way to go but at least we are on the right road.

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